Reviews ‘r’ Us: Quake 2 Colossus for Linux review

[ Thanks to Sandy
for this link. ]

“One thing that you can say for the single player aspect of the
pack, however, is that it is BIG! There is a grand total of 87
levels (55 in Quake 2, 18 in The Reckoning, and 14 in Ground zero),
a pile of monsters to kill, and more weapons than a bus full of
Millwall fans! While these may not all be of the best quality,
there are enough of them to keep your interest for a while, and at
least you won’t have to start again every time a patch comes out,
as this is the final version.”

“Graphically, all the sub-games in this pack are fairly similar.
Good, but not great. Sure, in its heyday Quake 2 had the best
visuals the world had ever seen, but in comparison to Half-Life and
other newer games, they are starting to look a big dated. Still,
the action is so fast that you rarely get the time to look at the

The main part of the pack, Quake 2, is a great mulitplayer
game, as you well know. And even though it has been out for over 2
years now, it still has an unbelievably big following on the
There are literally thousands of add-ons for it, from new
weapons to small multiplayer levels, to huge single player
campaigns and even total conversions, where the only thing about
the conversion that is the same as in the original is the