ROSE Blog Interviews: The Document Foundation’s Jacqueline Rahemipour

“On October 31, Jacqueline Rahemipour posted a letter on the
[email protected] mailing list called Every end is a
new beginning. The letter, which was signed by Rahemipour and 32
other OpenOffice.org contributors, addressed Oracle’s response to
the recent creation of The Document Foundation. The letter says,
“Oracle’s official response to the announcement of The Document
Foundation was clear – Oracle will continue OpenOffice.org as
usual. The result is now indeed the lately postulated conflict of
interest for those community members who are in charge of or
representing project, but to whom it is not enough ‘to continue
working as we always did’.” The letter ends with the contributors
announcing that they are leaving their positions with the
OpenOffice.org project: “The answer for us who sign this letter is
clear: We want a change to give the community as well as the
software it develops the opportunity to evolve. For this reason,
from now on we will support The Document Foundation and will
– as a team – develop and promote LibreOffice.”

“After reading the letter, I emailed Rahemipour and asked her to
tell us a little more about herself and her plans for 2011:”

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