Roundup: Reiser Trial Opens; Future of Reiser4 Uncertain

Wired: Prosecutor: Linux Engineer Reiser Abused Son, Murdered

“Hans Reiser, the popular open-source Linux engineer,
traumatized his 5-year-old son with violent video games and horror
movies, prosecutor Paul Hora told jurors in the opening of Reiser’s
murder trial.

“Reiser, wearing a dark suit at the defendant’s table, became
agitated as the prosecutor recounted to jurors those child-abuse
accusations that his wife, Nina, made in divorce court three years
ago. All the while, Reiser kept peppering his lawyer with questions
whispered into his ear, and the lawyer at one point slumped his
forehead to the table during the first hours of trial that is
expected to see dozens of witnesses and last several weeks…”


Wired: Rift Brewing Between Linux Engineer Reiser, His Attorney
as First Day of Murder Trial Ends

“As Linux engineer Hans Reiser’s murder trial ended its first
day here Tuesday, the rift between the defendant and his attorney
appeared to be fracturing even more.

“William DuBois, who is Reiser’s chief defense attorney, was
clearly agitated by his client as proceedings finished up about
4:30 p.m. Pacific. ‘My client was once again interrupting me,’
DuBois told Superior Court Judge Larry Goodman, who was listening
to DuBois’ motion in a bid to exclude evidence from jurors…”


LinuxWorld: Linux Guru’s Life, and Life’s Work, Hang in

“Reiser created a Linux file system called ReiserFS, which in
the mid-1990s was important for Linux. The first version of it,
known as Reiser3, is part of the core Linux kernel. But since his
arrest, work on the file system has been all but abandoned, and the
successor to ReiserFS, Reiser4, has only a slim chance of survival
in the community, said Jonathan Corbet, a well-known Linux expert
and founder of LWN.net, a Linux Web news site that has been
covering the OS and open-source software community for nearly 10

“In an e-mail, Corbet said that despite ‘years of effort,’
Reiser4 has still not made it into the Linux kernel and the future
of the technology does not look good…”


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