SaaS Startups Should Check Out CouchDB First

[ Thanks to Krish for this link.

“Ever since Oracle acquired MySQL, there is a lingering
question in the minds of SaaS companies that had relied heavily on
MySQL and the analysts who follow the space closely. It is about
the impact of this acquisition on the SaaS providers. While
thinking about the impact of any adverse move by Oracle on SaaS
vendors, I had a chance to listen to a podcast called The Cloud
Computing Show by Gary Orenstein. One of the episodes had a
discussion between Gary and Damien Katz, co-founder of CouchDB. It
piqued my interest on CouchDB and brought them under my radar.
Fortunately, I had a chance to talk to Damien and asked him about
some of the questions I had in my mind. I am now entirely convinced
that CouchDB offers a good alternative to many SaaS vendors,
especially to those who offer Office Suites, Wikis or similar
document based applications and are worried about the state of
MySQL. In this post, I will discuss why I think it is a good

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