Salon Magazine: Glory Among the Geeks

Thanks to Zach Beane for this

“For serious programmers, contributing code to Linux pays off
not in dollars but in respect.”

“Linux is different these days — it’s caught in a hype storm
that makes everyone want to understand what makes it tick. It’s a
free operating system developed by a loosely knit coalition of
developers who’ve donated their time and effort to building it. The
source code is given away for free in regular periodic updates
(this week saw the release of the long-awaited Linux 2.2 kernel);
programmers grab a copy for themselves, use it and occasionally
donate their own fixes to the process.”

“Now Linux has reached a critical mass where it provides many of
the same services as commercial operating systems like Windows, but
at no charge — and many people are wondering whether it could
dethrone Microsoft. If it does, it will be because of lots of
people like Rob Newberry who are making small contributions to the
big effort.”