Salon: Slashdot goes quiet

Can one muzzle the “News for Nerds” site? Probably not —
but its parent company has entered the quiet period, preparing for
an IPO.

“Slashdot — the self-proclaimed “News for Nerds” Web site that
serves as one of the Net’s most popular clearinghouses for
Linux/open source/geek fetish info tidbits — is in the “quiet
period.” Slashdot’s corporate owner, Andover.net, filed for an
initial public offering Friday, hoping to raise $50 million via the
stock market. As a consequence, all employees of Andover.net,
including Slashdot founders Rob Malda and Jeff Bates, must abide by
Securities & Exchange Commission restrictions forbidding them
to talk about their company’s future prospects…”

“As usual, the prospectus filed by Andover.net with the SEC
contained some intriguing goodies — not the least of which is that
Andover.net is now styling itself the “the leading Linux/Open
Source destination on the Internet.” This is quick work for a
network of Web sites that did not include any sites devoted solely
to Linux or open-source software until the purchase of Slashdot
last June.”

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