Sander Vesik: New snapshot released from OpenOffice.org

[ Thanks to Sander Vesik for this
link. ]

I am glad to announce that the latest snapshot (619) of the
OpeOffice.org codebase has been released:

1. as has become traditional, there is a B-branch – called
OO619B that will contain any post-release enhancements and fixes
and will serve as a stable develpoment branch for anybody wanting
to port OpenOffice.org code to new platforms, work on add-ons or
even core functionality.

2. The code should build out of the box on the three “standard”
platforms – Linux/x86, Solaris/sparc and win32/x86 – as well as on
Linux/ppc and Solaris/x86. Work on porting to several platforms is
ongoing and the ports will probably see code inmprovements in the
OO619B timeline. All hands are welcome to porting and port testing.
The tree contains non-completed support for IRIX, Tru64,
NetBSD/sparc, FreeBSD and Linux/ARM.

3. The installation process can stay in the ‘registering
components’ stage for an extended period of time when compared to
previous snapshots and the installation program may seem to have
frozen. Please do not file bugs against this unless the process
really fails to complete.

4. The useful lifetime of 619 will most probably be at least 6
weeks, so this is a good time to get onboard 😎

5. As with previous snapshots, experimental technologies like
the Bonobo bridge, ‘OpenOffice.org – the Bean!’ and others will be
released later. Check out the whiteboard.openoffice.org page to
stay up to date with those.


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