SearchEnterpriseLinux: Porting Applications from Solaris to Linux, Part 4

[ Thanks to Amy
for this link. ]

“The odds are that anyone porting applications from Solaris to
Linux has better Solaris skills than Linux know-how. That was fine
for your other life, but now you’ll need to become a Linux expert.
Even if you’re not doing a Unix-to-Linux server migration or
porting applications from Solaris or other Unix flavor to Linux
today, you might as well read the writing on the wall and get up to
speed on Linux. Any Unix administrators, programmers and support
staff who get formal training in Linux now will be valued employees
tomorrow. After all, if you came from an HP-UX environment, and all
of a sudden were tasked to support AIX, would you not get some
formal training? Sure you would…”

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