SearchEnterpriseLinux: Re-Branding Mozilla

[ Thanks to Jan
for this link. ]

The Web browsers made by the Mozilla Foundation are highly
customizable, either on Linux, Unix or Windows. In this tip I’ll
show you how to change the animated waiting for download icon,
officially known as a throbber. It’s the icon in the top right
corner of either the Firefox browser or the Mozilla Application
Suite browser.

“All Mozilla technology has the same core technology, and that
includes a chrome directory in the install area. Chrome is a set of
human-readable, plain text, interpreted files that are used to
specify the user interface of the application. Most differences
between Mozilla’s Firefox browser and the Application Suite’s
browser are differences in chrome. Think of the chrome as Mozilla’s
variation on Perl’s CPAN archive, PHP’s PEAR archive, or Java’s JAR

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