Seattle Times/LA Times: Microsoft weaves new Web strategy

The company hopes the moves, which it calls “Windows
Distributed interNet Architecture 2000,” or DNA, will help it catch
or surpass Sun Microsystems, a leader in the market for Internet
servers, and stave off the surging popularity of the free Linux
operating system, which competes with Microsoft’s Windows NT to run
those servers…

“Some industry watchers view the strategy as Microsoft’s latest
effort to dominate Web development. They say the company is using a
three-prong approach that proved unstoppable for the desktop PC
versions of its Windows operating system and its
office-productivity programs.”

“First, Microsoft creates tight linkages between all its
products – Web browser, operating systems, software applications
and server products – creating ostensible synergies that
competitors find difficult to duplicate.”

“Then the software giant uses its influence over developers and
PC makers to control the evolution of key technology standards in
ways that favor Microsoft products.”

“Finally, the company tries to deter potential competitors by
pre-announcing products and services – “vaporware” in industry
parlance – that may not become available for extended periods.”

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