sendmail.net: Upgrade Update: BIND 8 Goes One More Round

“We’ve received an update on the BIND development roadmap from
no less an authority than David Conrad, executive director of the
Internet Software Consortium: There will be one more BIND 8 release
after all. To stem any confusion spawned by the numerous
patches to BIND 8.2.2 (five so far), the ISC has amended its freeze
on BIND 8 releases in order to roll those patches into a more
manageable package, dubbed BIND 8.2.3.

“Unfortunately, due to the confusion engendered by the -P#
releases, we’re now planning a (bug-fix only) 8.2.3 release that
incorporates all patches and bug fixes produced to date,” said
Conrad. “BIND 8.2.3 is scheduled to go into final release by the
beginning of February 2000.”

“Conrad confirmed that BIND 9 is still scheduled for a May 2000
release, adding a few particulars about the v9 feature set and how
BIND 8.2.3 fits into that upgrade path.”