Setting Up Panda3D and Configuring Development Tools

[ Thanks to Ramsai
for this link. ]

“Panda3D is a very powerful and feature-rich game engine that
comes with a lot of features needed for creating modern video
games. Using Python as a scripting language to interface with the
low-level programming libraries makes it easy to quickly create
games because this layer of abstraction neatly hides many of the
complexities of handling assets, hardware resources, or graphics
rendering, for example. This also allows simple games and
prototypes to be created very quickly and keeps the code needed for
getting things going to a minimum.

“Panda3D is a complete game engine package. This means that it
is not just a collection of game programming libraries with a nice
Python interface, but also includes all the supplementary tools for
previewing, converting, and exporting assets as well as packing
game code and data for redistribution. Delivering such tools is a
very important aspect of a game engine that helps with increasing
the productivity of a development team.”

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