SF Examiner: Linux users unite against Microsoft

“Linux users’ organized effort to demand refunds for Microsoft
software that comes pre-installed on the computers they buy. They
plan to storm the gates of local Microsoft headquarters Feb. 15 in
an international display of solidarity called Windows Refund

“In addition to demanding refunds, Linux users have a second
reason to gloat this week: A Bay Area Linux company announced that
it has received a prestigious PC Week Analyst’s Choice award for
its product, high-end business computers that come pre-installed
with the Linux operating system, version 2.2.”

“The company, VA Research Inc. (www.varesearch.com) in Mountain
View, also announced that it had packed its management team and
board of directors with former and current executives and engineers
from high-profile tech companies, including Apple, Cisco, Oracle,
Philips Computer Electronics and Sun.”

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