SF Gate: Jobs’ sneak preview of next Mac system [OS X]

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“The release of Apple Computer Inc.’s next-generation Mac OS X
is on schedule with its first public test set for Sept. 13, Chief
Executive Steve Jobs told a packed house Tuesday at Seybold San
Francisco 2000. The new operating system, which Jobs called the
“future of the Macintosh,” will be released in beta form at Apple
Expo in Paris. The company is on track to release the product to
the general public in early 2001.”

“David Bailey, research analyst with Gerard Klauer Mattison
& Co. in New York, said that the Cupertino-based company is
right on track. “It’s the first major upgrade to the operating
system in many years, and it brings many fundamental benefits
to users like stability, reliability and performance,”
said, adding it has a greater affinity to Unix-type systems,
such as Linux.
“The development community is pretty excited by

“Jobs demonstrated the new system for the Seybold crowd, but
things didn’t go as planned when he tried to show how quickly the
computer will resume working from sleep mode.”

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