ShowMeLinux.com: This Doesn’t Lyx or Does It?

[ Thanks to Banita for this link.

“I heard a voice, as if in a dream: “Let me show you a simpler
land, where ideas are free to be written, free from the shallow
concerns of appearance, free from the shackles of the typesetter.
Trust Lyx. Everything will be all right in the end.”

Sceptical? Yeah, I was too. Then I tried Lyx and I realized
that this is a much saner way to work than traditional word
processing, especially for larger documents.
What’s so special
about Lyx? Well, first let’s have a look at what a word processor
tries to do. Then we will see more clearly what Lyx does

“Traditional word processors try to mimic old-time typesetting
procedures. In other words, a word processor tries to be like a
typewriter, so that non-technical people can get the idea fairly
easily. They use the power of the computer to mimic a lower order
of technology, and do a disservice to the greater community.
Instead of designing documents in a manner which maximizes the
technology of the computer, word processors keep things more
“intuitive”. The result: more work for the same output. Wow, I’ve
only used Lyx for a week now, and already I’m sounding like a
novitiate in the cult. Only it wasn’t sleep deprivation that got
me; it was a quality product.”