Six Secrets of Open Source Community Building

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“The Drupal content management system (CMS) is one of
the most successful open source projects on the Internet today,
thanks in no small part to its community.

“At the head of the Drupal community is the project’s founder,
Dries Buytaert, who started the project ten years ago in his dorm
room. In 2008, Buytaert helped to found Acquia which is a
commercial support vendor for Drupal, which to date has raised over
$20 million in startup capital. The road from dorm room to open
source rock star has given Buytaert some insight into how to build
a successful open source community. Speaking at the Zendcon PHP
conference this week, Buytaert detailed six key secrets to open
source success.

“1) There is no quick rick formula.
Buytaert said that it took five years after he first started the
Drupal project until there was the first Drupalcon developer
conference in 2005. At that point, 40 people showed up to the
event. At DrupalCon 2010, there were over 3,000 attendees.”

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