Six Ways to Write More Comprehensible Code

[ Thanks to LinucksGirl for this link.

“I learned to write, clear, maintainable code the hard way. For
the last twelve years, I’ve made my living writing computer games
and selling them over the Net using the marketing technique that
was once charmingly known as shareware. What this means is that I
start with a blank screen, start coding, and, a few tens of
thousands of lines of code later, I have something to sell.

“This means that, if I make a stinky mess, I’m doing it in my
own nest. When I’m chasing down a bug at 3 a.m., staring at a
nightmare cloud of spaghetti code, and I say, ‘Dear God, what idiot
child of married cousins wrote this garbage?’, the answer to that
question is ‘Me…'”

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