SJ Mercury/Reuters: Linux conference focuses on product development

The stock market rush for companies working with the Linux
computer operating system may have stalled, but a high-speed push
for product development continues, software executives told a Linux
trade show in Montreal Tuesday.

“Ottawa-based software developer Corel Corp. set that tone,
announcing it expects to ship a Linux version of its CorelDraw 9
graphics software in July — two months ahead of schedule….”

“Corel also claimed another feather for its Linux cap Tuesday,
announcing that the antitrust waiting period had expired Sunday for
its planned acquisition of Inprise/Borland Corp.”

“A vote on that deal, which some Inprise/Borland shareholders
are protesting because of Corel’s deflated stock price, will occur
in about 90 days, Cowpland told Reuters. Corel expects the purchase
will strengthen its position in the Linux sector.”

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