Slackware 3.6.0 is released

On October 28th, Patrick Volkerding released Slackware

Most notable changes are:
Gimp 1.0.2
Kernel 2.0.35
procps 1.2.9
XFree86 3.3.2 pl3

Added some binary only X servers

Python 1.5.1
pine 4.05
perl 5.005_02
Includes Netscape Communicator 4.07
Sendmail 8.9.1.
libc 5.4.46 (the last release)


Patrick writes:

“Although I never encountered any problems with egcs (well,
other than the annoying string.h warnings 🙂 many of the kernel
developers feel that compiling the kernel with a gcc-2.7.x compiler
is better tested and possibly more reliable. As a result,
gcc- is now provided as an alternative to egcs-1.0.3. When
this package is installed in addition to egcs-1.0.3, then by
default C code will be compiled with gcc-, while C++,
objective C, and Fortran-77 will be compiled with egcs-1.0.3. If
you need to change this, aim the ‘gcc’ and ‘g++’ links at the
compilers you want to use, or set the compiler name in your
Makefile to the compiler you want, such as: GCC=gcc-egcs-1.0.3”

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