Smart Partner: Has Java Failed Its Cross Platform Goals?

“If your Java application runs well only under Windows, why are
you bothering to write in Java?…”

“It’s not that I’m anti-Java. Quite to the contrary: I believe
that Java is an excellent tool for the right tasks.
Unfortunately, the promise of “write once, run anywhere” was
broken so long ago that nobody remembers where the warranty card

“Yet, I don’t see anybody working to fix this situation. The
tacit solution seems to be “just run Windows,” which is
diametrically opposed to the original goal. As evidence, note that
IBM says it will no longer upgrade the OS/2 version of VisualAge
for Java. After pushing OS/2 customers to nonproprietary
technologies, IBM is yanking developer support for the major
nonproprietary technology available to those customers. Nor is IBM
claiming poor sales; instead, an IBM spokesman justified the move
by telling me that the tools were all on Windows, AIX and Linux.
Tell me: How does that serve your OS/2 customers?”