SmartMoney.com/WSJ: Intel to Introduce New Brand of Linux-Based Web ‘Appliances’

“ntel is expected to announce today a brand of Web appliances
that don’t use its longtime partner’s Windows operating software.
Instead, the new devices will run on the Linux operating system,
which many customers are concluding is ideal for simple Web-surfing

“Intel, Santa Clara, Calif., also plans to announce at the
Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that it has three major
customers for its first Intel-branded Web appliances: Japan’s NEC
Corp., phone company U S West Inc., Denver, and France’s Lafayette
Services, an electronic-commerce division of Galeries Lafayette.
Those customers are expected to use different versions of Intel’s
devices to bring the Internet to non-PC users and others who want
multiple Web paths….”

Mr. Leglise downplayed any split with Microsoft. He said
customers asked Intel to use Linux, a free variant of the Unix
operating system, because of its flexibility, reliability and
ability to deliver much the same capability as PC software.

The devices will use Intel’s low-cost Celeron microprocessors, Mr.
Leglise said. Microsoft officials didn’t respond to calls
requesting comment.”