Speeding up Android development with Android-x86 and VirtualBox

“I’m starting to learn how to develop to Android and so far to
me the only downside of the whole dev environment is the painfully
slow Android Emulator. Don’t get me wrong, it’s such a beautifully
made emulator that covers most (if not all) details of a real
device, I specially like tricks such as limiting network bandwidth
to simulate your app under a slow connection, but let’s face it,
the thing is slow…

The Android-x86 project provides some ISO images that can be ran
on VirtualBox (download it here if you don’t have it yet). I took
the time to wrote the steps bellow based on various blog posts
about the subject.

First, download an ISO from Android-x86 download page,
android-x86-2.3-RC1-eeepc.iso should do, this one is pretty stable
and has ethernet support

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