SRO: All OSes Are Created Equal

“IBM, which took the pulpit to sell itself as an OS-agnostic
company when it endorsed Java, is now going one giant step further.
With its soon-to-be-announced “client-stack” embedded OS strategy
and developerWorks portal, it will attempt to win support for its
“all operating systems are equal” religion.”

“Gone are the proprietary schemes like System Application
Architecture and other efforts to sell solutions based on any OS-as
long as it comes from IBM. Now, the company is giving as much
development, marketing and support time to NT, Linux, Solaris and
third-party real-time operating systems as it dedicates to OS/390
and OS/400.”

“Need proof? IBM is shipping 500 IBM developers from all
divisions of the company to Austin, Texas, next week for an
internal Linux Technology Summit- complete with keynote speeches
from Linux luminaries like Linux International executive director
Jon “MadDog” Hall.