SRO: Bringing The Linux Desktop Alive

“Gnome to bring Linux power to average users.”

“Linux has always been an operating system for Unix power
users… until now.”

“Gnome’s (pronounced Gah-nome) purpose, from the start, was to
make it possible for average users to use Linux or other free Unix
like systems such as FreeBSD. Under Gnome, according to its
creators, it should be possible for most desktop users to do all
their work without knowing any more about the underlying operating
system than say what a Microsoft Windows user knows about its
MS-DOS underpinnings.”

“Desktop applications for Gnome are, understandably, rare. While
there is already a Gnome word processor, spreadsheet, presentation
manager and database front end, there is only one or two of each.
Other end-user applications, such as Netscape Navigator or
applications written to run under the K Desktop Environment will
also run under Gnome. And, of course, for those who want it the old
command line interface is never too far away.”


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