SRO: Microsoft as underdog? Not!

“You can’t blame the Redmonians for their last-ditch attempt
last week to convince press, analysts and the court that Microsoft
is in serious risk of losing its No. 1 position in a variety of
markets. The PR team worked overtime to make sure journalists saw
copies of some analysts’ claims that Microsoft faces formidable
competition on the wireless, server OS and ISP fronts….”

In the closing weeks of the DOJ vs. Microsoft trial,
Microsoft attempted to play the Linux card, to little avail.
Simultaneously, Microsoft also attempted to introduce as evidence
of increased competition the America Online/Netscape merger.

As subsequent stories on ZDNN and other sites have indicated,
Netscape is bleeding managers and staff at an alarming rate. And
with final vesting for a number of Netscape employees slated to
occur in the next week or two, more rats will likely be jumping

“After a short-lived, fruitless period of operating as part of
Gateway, Amiga is back on its own and fighting to make its
next-generation real-time interface that runs on top of Linux a hot
platform for consumer applications, especially games. If Amiga can
somehow broaden its appeal beyond the Amigan faithful, it could
contribute substantially toward making Linux a real desktop
contender. Then, and only then, would Microsoft be able to claim it
has a viable competitor to Windows and Office on the desktop.”