Stampede Linux v0.89 is released

Matt Wood

The Stampede Linux Development Team has announced the release of
Stampede Linux, version 0.89 (Europa). This is a major release,
featuring splat (the Stampede Package Listing & Administration
Tool), the latest 2.0.7 release of the GNU C Library, enhanced
security, optional SysV style color init scripts, and a host of bug
fixes. More information is available at http://www.stampede.org.

The distribution can be obtained via FTP, at ftp://ftp.stampede.org, or at one of
the Stampede Linux mirror sites (a list is available at http://www.stampede.org/mirrors.html).

On a side note, beta testing has begun for the Stampede/Alpha
port. Interested persons should contact [email protected]
for more information.

The Stampede Developers – PGP key may be obtained by: ‘finger
[email protected]