Steve Wozniak: Apple Should Make an Android Phone

Such an iAndroid device is an unlikely prospect, to say the least, but it’s not technically impossible. Android is an open-source operating system software based on the Apache Software License 2.0, and is available for any handset maker to adopt and develop. Apple could even fork Android, as Amazon has, to create a version of the OS more in line with Apple’s aesthetic. (Apple would, however, need to separately license Google applications such Maps and Gmail to the device.)

Despite how that suggestion might sound, Wozniak was generally bullish on his former company, rejecting the notion that innovation at Apple has stalled out. When asked about Apple’s much-remarked-on failure last year to introduce a new category–such as a smartwatch or TV, both long rumored to be in the works–Woz countered that he believes Apple is waiting for the right time to release the right product.