STReport: Open Discussion about Linux

Wow, what a week it has been. My friend Warren Sanders and
I went down to Denver last weekend to attend the Colorado Linux
Info Quest….

“MadDog is a very entertaining speaker. He retold his famous
story about helping to get Linus Torvalds over for a New Orleans
DECUS show in 1994 (I think). That is a classic story. The theme of
his speech was how he had traveled all over the world in his
(former) work capacity for Digital Equipment Corp (now part of
Compaq) and how he had had the opportunity to visit with all of the
DEC sales people only to continually hear that “there is no Linux
here”. That of course always turned out to be false. He relayed the
same situation over and over again… going to a foreign country,
visiting with the DEC sales person and speaking with their
customers, all the while looking for Linux folks, being told that
there were none, and then always finding a substantial Linux

“Even though this was basically a thrown together panel as the
result of Scott Draeker’s (Founder and President of Loki Software)
absence due to illness… it was surprisingly interesting and
informative. The panel started off by each person stating how they
got into Linux and why Linux was important to them. Then the
audience and Liz asked them questions. I didn’t personally attend
the panel but I did get it all on video and have watched it several
times as I dubbed a few copies for friends. The coolest question
the panel answered was “Why has Linux become so popular when there
are several free alternatives based on BSD such as OpenBSD and