SunWorld: A report from the Open Source Convention

Perl 3.0 meets Python (and Linux and Tcl…)

“The Open Source Convention featured not only Perl, but
simultaneous conference tracks for Apache, Linux, Python, Sendmail,
Tcl/Tk, and even an Open Source Business. The premise was simple:
if it’s a major open source project, it was represented at this
year’s conference.”

“One of the keynote speeches at the conference was Guy
Kawasaki’s “Rules for Revolutionaries — Some Practical Advice for
the Open Source Movement.” Guy Kawasaki has been chief evangelist
of Apple Computer and CEO of garage.com. He has started two
software companies and been an angel for three others. I’ve heard
Kawasaki give this talk several times, and I always enjoy it. It’s
always slightly different, as he makes an effort to tailor the talk
to the audience…”

“Attendees could choose from 14 different tracks, spread out
among the seven smaller conferences. The Perl conference had five
tracks, ranging from “Improving Your Perl Skills” and “Critical
Issues in Perl” to user papers.”

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