technofile: Deluxe version of Corel’s revised Linux comes with a lot of extras

“Most versions of Linux, the popular alternative computer
operating system, are hard to learn. If you’re used to the way
Windows works, you’ll have to spend a week or two learning new ways
of doing things if you switch to Linux.

“Corel’s version of Linux is an obvious exception. When I
checked it out last year, I found it easy to install and easy to
use. The latest version, Corel Linux Second Edition, is even
better. It’s just as effortless to install and has a few additional
features to make Windows users feel at home.”

“…I tried to use Corel Linux Second Edition as a new user
would. I’m sure newcomers would have problems in some areas, but in
most ways Corel’s new version of Linux is no harder to use than
Windows. In some ways it’s easier to use, especially if you
count all the ways Corel Linux handles the basic setup of the
operating system. Windows needs to catch up to be in the same
league as Corel Linux in this area.