TechnologyEvaluation.com: Analysis of Sendmail, Inc.’s Largest Open Source Release in Twenty Years

“Sendmail, Inc., the provider of the ubiquitous Sendmail®
Internet Mail platform for e-communications, applications and
services, announced Open Source sendmail 8.10, the largest feature
release in the 20 year history of the mail transfer agent (MTA),
which routes the vast majority of mail traffic across the

“During sendmail 8.10’s development, over 5,000 beta users
tested the product to reveal any issues and recommend improvements
prior to the products final release. Revision 8.10 has improved
in three key areas: security, integration and performance. Release
8.10 provides support for multi queuing, which allows mail to be
transferred via multiple queues, allowing for a pseudo-form of
“load balancing”.
The concept of multiple mail delivery queues
allows for a solid message processing performance in sendmail.
Release 8.10 also incorporates Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6),
which allows support for trillions of hosts.”

“Security has been revamped and improved to protect an
organization against spam. A new feature called ” SMTP
Authentication” has been added, which forces a spammer to provide a
password prior to relay. DNS Blackhole capabilities have been
configured to block mail from known spammers found on the
Internet’s black list. Release 8.10 includes a relay control
mechanism, which identifies and purges large recipient base emails,
a common technique among spammers.”

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