TechWeb: Amiga Is Reborn Via Tao Alliance

The cult-classic Amiga desktop is poised for yet another
resurrection — this time with the aid of a software company
touting a new approach to cross-platform support….

“At a time when the Linux operating system is gaining momentum
worldwide and Sun Microsystems’ Java technology is proliferating in
embedded systems, the Tao partnership will bring Amiga two crucial
elements missing from the current Amiga OS: genuine systems
portability and a Java strategy.”

“Tao’s intent tool kits, serving as a content foundation,
include an object-based deterministic operating system called Elate
and a run-time engine that can run within a host OS. The company
also offers its own clean room implementation of the Java Virtual
Machine and Java libraries, both of which have been rewritten from
scratch in Tao’s portable machine code. Application programming
interfaces offered by the company include Criterion’s Renderware
3-D libraries.”