TechWeb: Linux Scales Enterprise Wall

Linux’s market share is insignificant when it comes to
running large databases and line-of-business applications, but it’s
growing rapidly.

“About 17 percent of enterprises plan to deploy Linux or FreeBSD
as a primary platform for e-commerce within two years, compared
with less than 1 percent today, according to researcher Survey.com.
In data warehousing, 9.4 percent of users plan to use Linux or
FreeBSD as the primary platform, compared with 0.4 percent now.
Line-of-business applications are lagging, but growth is still
brisk: 3.4 percent of users said they see Linux or FreeBSD as the
primary platform for line-of-business apps in two years, compared
with 0 percent today….”

“There are some things that we think are missing from Linux that
are important in production environments,” said Jim Thannum,
corporate director of technology for FDX, the parent of Federal
Express. “A couple of them are journaling file systems and
scalability. We see it emerging.”