Techweb: Sun Needs To Warm Up To Linux, Analyst Says

In the report “Linux — The Dark Side of Sun,” Giga
Information Group, Cambridge, Mass., said the open-source
operating system on Intel Corp. chips is eroding sales of low-end
and midrange Sun servers running Solaris, Sun’s Unix-based
operating system.

“Giga analyst and report author Stacey Quandt said Sun, Palo
Alto, Calif., which reported record earnings last quarter and is
currently riding high on the Internet wave, would hurt itself
financially in the long-term by failing to recognize Linux as a
threat and not supporting the operating system in Sun servers.”

“I believe they’ll have to cannibalize their low end and offer a
Linux solution in order to be competitive in the market,” Quandt
said Tuesday. “And whether that solution is on Sparc or Intel is
obviously a moot issue. But I think they have to have a Linux


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