TechWeek: Major PC Players Tout New Linux Products

[ Thanks to collin
for this link. ]

“Some major players in the computer industry got behind Linux in
a big way at LinuxWorld. The Trillian project team, consisting of
IBM, Intel, SGI, Hewlett-Packard, VA Linux Systems and Cygnus,
announced a port of Linux to Intel’s much-anticipated Merced
(IA-64) processor.”

“In a presentation during the San Jose event (Aug. 9-12), Intel
CEO Andrew Grove showed the first public simulation of ‘the future
engine of e-commerce’-the 64-bit Merced chip-running the Linux
IA-64 kernel. He said an Intel fab will ‘yield some silicon in a
few weeks’ time,’ and open-source Linux code will be released in
the first quarter 2000. Intel also has a venture capital fund for
developers of ‘interesting new products’ that will run on

“IBM announced a joint marketing deal with Red Hat, a port of
Tivoli Systems products, a sneak preview of the Domino Release 5
groupware for Linux and new worldwide Linux customer services, with
more than 150 consultants available.”