That Developer’s Salary is Bigger than Mine!

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“Of the six developers on the team, not only was my salary near
the bottom, but my annual increase was the lowest. It didn’t make
sense to me.

“My manager had practically just gushed about me. I knew for a
fact the client didn’t just like me; they loved me. I got along
with our counterparts there better than anyone on the team. If
there was a bug found in my code, we’d usually joke about it and go
about fixing it.

“And like most young developers, I felt I was at least as good a
coder as most of my teammates. Two of them asked for my help all
the time – and now I knew that they were making more money
than me.

“One of them had just been hired six months ago and received a
bigger increase than me. The more I read, the more my blood

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