The 2011 IT Salary Guide

“The good news: the The 2011 IT Salary Guide demonstrates that
IT salary levels are once again headed upward.

“The 2011 IT Salary Guide indicates some respectable boosts in
average salary. Lead applications developers get a 4.7% increase
and software engineers enjoy a 4.1% boost in paycheck. Okay, so IT
managers move up a ho-hum 2.5% and project managers rise 2.8%, but
Web developers jump 4.6% and System Security Admins levitate a
healthy 4% (seems like security is always hot).

“The bad news: these rising IT salary numbers are merely
compensating for last year’s 2-4% decreases. So alas, the net
effect is that IT salaries are essentially flat over the last year
or so. Yes, times are tough.

“Still, IT remains one of the better-paid fields, and a
multi-year look at the salary numbers bears this out. Between 2007
and 2008 – the tail end of the boom years – IT salaries
rose an impressive 5.3%. And between 2008 and 2009, before the
downturn squeezed IT, paychecks trended upward 3.7%.”

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