The GNOME Journal: Behind the Scenes: Elijah Newren

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In what ways do you contribute to GNOME?

“First of all, I intentionally write it as Gnome, and will
continue to do so. Five letters of all caps just sucks. Concerning
your question: I contribute to Gnome in a few different areas. I’ve
triaged a huge number of bugs, though I’m still a far second to
Gerardo and have concentrated more on other things recently; I
assisted with the last Bugzilla upgrade and continue to work on
random odds and ends to improve Gnome bugzilla (though I
successfully avoid the hard work like the stuff that Andrew did for
2.16 and Olav did for 2.20); I wrote a tutorial on developing with
Gnome covering just some very basics of getting started that
someday I hope to get back to and improve; I’m a member of the
release team (the least clueful one); and I’m co-maintainer for
metacity and libwnck…”

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