The Inquirer: Leave Poor SCO Alone… The Poor Little Lambs

[ Thanks to rjwysocki for this link.

“Why are people stupid sheep? No, don’t answer that, it is quite
obvious, but rather dismaying that no one bothers to think through
the barest minimum of surface allegations when it comes to the
SCO/IBM tiff. The latest bit of verbal diarrhea to dribble forth
from the SCO legal team involves alleging IBM is involved in some
sort of copyright infringement against poor old SCO. Why can’t
people leave them alone and let them semi-randomly sue people in

“A little history here. SCO sued IBM for allegedly taking their
precious code and putting it in Linux, and tried to convince every
Linux user out there to pay them lots of money for the alleged
theft. Curiously enough, they won’t tell anyone what was ‘stolen’,
they won’t even tell IBM. They claim in the press that SCO people
have identified enough code to choke a horse, specifically, copied
line for line into Linux. With that strong evidence, they won’t
really tell you what you are getting for your money, or give you a
refund if they are wrong.

“Whenever pressed, they won’t show anything to anyone without a
crippling NDA that disallows the person viewing the code to so much
as comment on it. The few pieces of code that have been shown
semi-publicly have been proven to be 1) not copied from SCO source
code 2) done so authoritatively by the community in hours 3) raised
more questions about SCO’s claims than they answered…”


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