The Linux Programming Interface

“Michael Kerrisk has been the maintainer of the Linux Man Pages
collection (man 7) for more than five years now, and it is safe to
say that he has contributed to the Linux documentation available in
the online manual more than any other author before. For this
reason he has been the recipient a few years back of a Linux
Foundation fellowship meant to allow him to devote his full time to
the furthering this endeavor. His book is entirely focused on the
system interface and environment Linux (and, to some extent, any
*NIX system) provides to a programmer. My most obvious choice for a
comparison of the same caliber is Michael K. Johnson and Eric W.
Troan’s venerable Linux Application Development, the second edition
of which was released in 2004 and is somewhat in need of a refresh,
lamentably because it is an awesome book that belongs on any
programmer’s shelf.”

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