The Linux Today Phone Project

By Paul Ferris (Staff
Writer, Linux Today).

What is it?

The program grabs Linux Today headlines and sends them to your
cell phone or pager so that as news breaks for Linux, you can be
kept abrest of it, no matter where you are. Stuck at a meeting
somewhere, bored? No problem, you’re bound to get some exciting
Linux Today news item flashing across your phone or pager via the
text message area.

What does it require?

Any device that can be messaged via email.

Since messaging my digital cell phone is free in a digital area,
it’s a great way to keep up with Linux news without having to call
someone and bug them to bring up the latest headlines… not that I
would resort to that…

Why LT Phone?

There are two reasons, from two different perspectives. I’ll
give you Dave’s perspective first:

We want you to have the latest Linux news, anywhere, any time
and on any device. (Ok, that’s not Dave speaking, that’s me 🙂
Really, Linux Today has one clear goal, which is to provide you
with the latest Linux news – *as* it breaks. News that’s old is not
news, that’s why it’s called “new”s .

Now for my perspective. I’m positively addicted to Linux Today
news headlines. I know some of you probably can sympathize. It is
just too darn important to miss a story because I’m stuck somewhere
without web access. Isn’t web access these days in a similar
category to water, air and food?

Ok, that’s going a bit far, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s
cool to be able to see the news while stuck traveling in my car, or
in a meeting, in the bathroom (did I *really* say that!). Yeah,

The only problems I’ve had stem from my local digital network
not being able to deliver my email at times due to system glitches
(yeah, they’ve confirmed it when I called them). NOTE: I didn’t ask
them what operating system they were using to implement their
email, but I can hazard a guess here. 🙂


Paul Ferris 8/28/99

[ I have the file available for download here.
Sorry, http file transfers only until I patch my ftp daemon. -Dave