The Mops0.42b – free 3D modeling environment


The Mops is a free 3D modeling environment written in C with

The program is available from The Mops Home Page:


The Mops features at a glance:

  • RIB (RenderMan Interface Bytestream) export.
  • Support for NURB curves and (trimmed) NURB surfaces, Boxes,
    Quadrics (Sphere, Disk, Cylinder, Cone, Hyperboloid, Paraboloid and
    Torus). All primitives may be combined with the common CSG
    operations Intersection, Difference and Union.
  • NURB modeling includes extrude (with caps, holes and bevels),
    revolve (with caps), sweep and skin operations.
  • Custom objects that may freely implement their representations
    (using OpenGL and RIB) and even small GUIs to edit their type
    specific parameters may be written by the user and dynamically
    loaded at runtime.
  • Scripting interface: Tcl.
  • Misc: instancing, arbitrary number of modeling views, object
    clipboard, independent property clipboard, console, single level
    undo, 3DMF import/export.