The Qt Future – Mobile on Nokia

“The H went along to Qt Dev Days where Nokia outlined their
plans for the open source user interface framework, placing it at
the core of its mobile application development.

“When Nokia acquired Trolltech, there was a question mark over
Nokia’s long term strategy for the Qt framework. Qt for many, is
the toolkit behind the KDE desktop and it’s associated
applications, so what would a phone company do with it. Over the
past years, the strategy has steadily crystallised, and at this
years Qt Dev Day, Rich Green, the new CTO at Nokia and first Nokia
CTO to speak at the annual Qt developer conference, confirmed that
Qt is core to all of Nokia’s plans for mobile applications; “We’re
betting the whole company and smartphones on Qt” Green told the
audience at the opening keynote.

“Rich Green, the new Nokia CTO, presents the company’s plans for
Qt Vergrößern Over the years Qt has had a number of
audiences for its C++ framework as it has grown from 80,000 lines
of code and two developers, for Unix/X11 only, to over thirty
million lines of code and over two hundred developers, running on
Linux, Unix, Windows, Symbian, Maemo and being embeded in consumer
electronic devices.”

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