The Register: Apple ships Darwin 1.0 open source OS core

“Apple has released the first full version of Darwin, the open
source operating system core on which the upcoming MacOS X is
based, just over a year after the Mac maker announced its open
source plans.”

“Darwin 1.0 is based on the Mach 3.0 microkernel and FreeBSD,
and as reported earlier, can be compiled for both PowerPC and Intel
CPUs. That said, Apple admits “Darwin 1.0 does not currently
run on Intel-based computers. There are still several issues to be
worked out before the Intel platform will be usable.

“Said Darwin Product Manager Ernest Prabhakar: “We have
synchronised Darwin with the latest Mac OS X sources… You should
now feel free to write enhancements, fix bugs, and expand driver
support – and know that you’re work will be compatible with future
versions Mac OS X.”