The Register: How MS used the WISE Trojan Horse against Unix

Thanks to Glenn Hudson for
this link.

“Bristol may yet appeal after its loss against Microsoft (as of
Friday, it hadn’t come to a decision on this), but as the case
stands it serves as an awful warning for companies doing business
with Microsoft. A nice little business took it into an alliance
with Microsoft, then it got sucked in deeper, and then the carrots
started to disappear, replaced by the stick. For Bristol, and for
small developers in general, it’s a depressing tale.”

“Since its formation in 1991 Bristol has produced Wind/U, a set
of libraries and utilities which allow software developers to
implement their Windows applications on Unix, OpenVMS and S/390
platforms. This was originally an independent initiative, but after
various Microsoft approaches Bristol signed a deal with the company
in 1994. This licensed Bristol Windows source code under the
Windows Interface Source Environment (WISE) programme.”