The Register: Linux app makes Xbox net gaming a reality

[ Thanks to GE for
this link. ]

“Next year’s launch of Microsoft’s network gaming
service for Xbox has been pre-empted by an open source/Linux
development, Xbox Gateway. Bill is no doubt absolutely ecstatic
about this, but he can console himself with the thought that at
least all the work XboxGW has put into the system is on the outside
– the box itself remains unsullied by viral GPL-related stuff.

XboxGW expands the functionality of Xbox system link games,
working rather like an Ethernet bridge, and according to the
developers both bridging Xbox game traffic and splitting it up so
it goes between the right players. If two people with broadband
links use it, then they can play one another across the internet.
Microsoft itself proposes to offer this facility, but not until
next summer.”


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