The Register: ‘Pissy emails from billg’ – MS exec sinks teeth into Gates

“An astonishing email from former Microsoft top exec Brad
Silverberg suggests that at least elements of the Microsoft High
Command wanted the company to split off its OS and apps businesses
more formally.
And stranger still, the email was written in
February 1999, when trial proceedings were already heating up.”

“We’ve noted in the past that Silverberg would have a tale to
tell if he ever took the stand, because he was in charge of Win95
development during the period when Microsoft now says it was
already planning to integrate. His contribution to the trial has
been thin so far, but from this email it seems he didn’t think
integration was technologically valid.”

“Could it get worse? Well, yes. He goes on: ” since the goal is
to have a completely reinvented version of windows, it’s clear the
team has to be completely separate and independent from windows.
because the windows team’s goal is to make new thing completely
unnecessary . . . . really needs to be a separate company within
the company.”


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