The Times (UK): Corel Linux challenges Windows 98 [Review]

“Corel has produced what is probably the easiest version of
Linux to get up and running. With just a little knowledge of the
workings of a PC it is possible to sit down and have a fully
functional system in about twenty minutes.”

“It is, therefore, well suited to someone who has heard a bit
about this new wonder OS and wants to give it a go, or a
cost-conscious network manager who wants to roll out a version of
UNIX with an easy to learn GUI. There is a significant amount for
the user to learn, but not really any more than a new Windows user
would face.”

“Expert Linux jockeys may find Corel a touch dumbed down for
their tastes, but they are not really the intended audience. This
in many ways is the beauty of Linux – if you want simplicity and
GUI knobs and bells then Corel is for you, but if you want hardcore
command line options then there are plenty of other distributions
out there to satisfy your needs, too.”

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