The Usefulness Of Linux-Next

“Discussing the latest breakage of the linux-next tree, Stephen
Rothwell noted that the problem went unnoticed due to the arm tree
not currently being included, ‘this is why I would have liked you
to participate in the linux-next tree …’ Arm maintainer Russell
King questioned the usefulness, saying, ‘linux-next will not give
me anything which -mm isn’t giving me. As I said in the discussion,
linux-next value is _very_ small for me. Sorry but true.’ Several
stepped in to offer some reasons that the linux-next tree is

“Andrew Morton noted, ‘putting arm into linux-next means that
Stephen (and git) handle the merges rather than having me (and
not-git) do it. Which helps me. I expect that linux-next will get a
lot more cross-compilation testing than -mm. Which helps