TheLinuxGurus.org: Review: Debian GNU/Linux

[ Thanks to David Culp
for this link. ]

“I love Linux, to me Linux is more than an operating system, it
represents a philosophy. To many people the Debian GNU/Linux
distribution is one of the few “pure” distributions out there.
Debian is worked on by hundreds or thousands of individuals across
the world, much the same way as Linux is developed.
distributions do their development “in house”, the extra code to
make installation and configuration easier is worked on by a team
of programmers working for the major distributions. Such tools such
as SuSE’s Yast are developed by programmers hired by SuSE etc.”

“The developers of Debian are firmly committed to including only
true Open Source software in its main distribution. This means for
lovers of KDE you will not get it or VMWare or many other packages
that come standard with other distributions. You will get GNOME and
about 1,400 other packages on the CD-ROM. The boxed distribution
also includes the O’Reilly book Learning Debian GNU/Linux , a cool
Debian bumper sticker and a demo copy of Myth II:

“I buy all my Linux distributions simply because I have a slow
Internet connection and don’t want to do a huge download. The boxed
Debian distribution is the best value going today. I paid $19.95
for it, which is cheaper than if you bought the included book by